B2ST’s Successful Kickoff to World Tour: Beautiful Show in Seoul


Idol group B2ST successfully completed their first world tour concert “Beautiful Show in Seoul,” with support from over 12,000 fans in the audience.

B2ST‘s first world tour concert in Seoul took place at the Olympic Stadium earlier today (2/4/12 Korea Time), starting from the afternoon. This concert’s turnout proved B2ST’s trending popularity as a leading idol group, who has won two consecutive Daesangs (Grand Prizes) at award shows within just two years after debut.

Today’s “Beautiful Show in Seoul” showcased all of B2ST’s hit songs including ‘Soom,’ ‘Shock,’ and ‘Bad Girl,’ as well as stage debut performances of their newest singles, ‘I Knew It’ and ‘Living Without You.’

After a series of dazzling performances filled with special effects, B2ST thanked their fans with the following message: “We were so excited [about the concert] that we couldn’t sleep last night. We’ll make sure to get some rest tonight to provide you with a better show tomorrow. We would like to thank everyone who came to see us today.” 

B2ST’s “Beautiful Tour will continue on to other countries later this month, with the second world tour concert in Berlin on the 12th. Then starting on February 25th, B2ST will be touring throughout Asia, in countries such as Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, and more.

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